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Making travel more enjoyable and accessible for individuals who prioritize mental health & wellness.

Alexander Brown

Founder & President

Alexander (Alex) Brown is the Founder & President of CXN Travel and Recover Hospitality. Alex grew up in a family business that has owned and operated hotels since the 1960s. For more than a decade, Alex worked in hospitality management, in both the rooms and food & beverage divisions. As a person in long-term addiction recovery, Alex knows the stresses of both corporate and leisure travel; and has witnessed the toll addiction has taken on individuals, families, communities and on the hospitality industry at-large.

Alex's own recovery journey began in 2017, after completing the sale of his family's 5-star boutique hotel. Motivated to address the addiction epidemic, especially as it relates to the hospitality industry, Alex left the day-to-day operations of the hotel business to enroll in an addiction counseling program. Concurrently, he spent two years helping to build and manage a wellness coaching team for a health-technology company. During this time, Alex witnessed people in early recovery struggle to maintain connection and accountability when traveling.

Many individuals chose not to travel or dine out, due to the stressful environment; a hesitancy that often extends to family members. Wanting to create a more clinically-informed solution, Alex pursued graduate education in social work where he realized the science behind the stresses of travel for those who have struggled with a variety of mental health concerns. Through the establishment of Recover Hospitality in 2021, Alex works to develop a network of hotels and restaurants that are supportive of mental health, for both guests and staff. In 2022, Alex founded CXN Travel to provide guidance and support for individuals traveling outside of the Recover Hospitality network. Alex uses his personal experience in recovery, extensive hospitality knowledge, and coaching experience to limit temptations and add individualized support for travelers who prioritize mental health & wellbeing.

Alex received his Master's in Social Work from Boston College with a clinical mental health concentration and certification in neurobiology for social work. He graduated magna cum laude from Rollins College, with a BA in economics and international business. He has also completed the UMass Boston Addiction Counselor Education Program and holds numerous professional coaching designations.

Allisa Peterson


Allisa, a seasoned marketing manager and content creator, has been a driving force in developing the Recovery Hospitality brand. She brings a unique touch to the industry as a sober-curious advocate with a focus on health, balance, and authenticity. Embracing a balanced and mindful lifestyle, Allisa integrates these principles seamlessly into Recover Hospitality's brand narrative.

Her creative expertise extends beyond the traditional realms of marketing, as she has successfully shaped the identities of brands nationwide through the merging of her creative flair and strategic insight, leading the charge in redefining the narrative of hospitality. Allisa ensures that the Recover Hospitality brand not only adapts but thrives in the ever-evolving digital landscape, creating a lasting and trusting relationship with our network of clients, collaborators and followers.
Allisa Peterson

Alexander Sacchetti

Digital Operations Lead

Alex, our Digital Operations Lead, combines his background in government operations with his expertise in web development to enhance our digital platforms. With skills in modern web development frameworks and a keen eye for detail, Alex plays a crucial role in ensuring our online presence is both functional and user-friendly.

Before joining Recover Hospitality, Alex contributed to projects for clients in multiple fields, including medicine, retail, and recreation, where he refined his skills in developing dynamic websites and e-commerce platforms. His current focus is enhancing our digital capabilities, ensuring that we effectively reach and engage with clients and partners through impactful online solutions.

Alex's educational background includes a BA in Communication from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, complemented by a long history in tackling IT issues in the both government and private sector roles.

At Recover Hospitality, Alex is dedicated to enhancing our digital operations, ensuring that our online presence aligns with our commitment to provide excellent services to the millions of sober and sober-curious travelers.

Henry Eustis


Drawing from a background in Food and Beverage operations and experience in marketing the real estate and hospitality industries through social media, Henry plays a pivotal role in advancing Recover Hospitality's mission. As the Marketing Coordinator, Henry's primary responsibility revolves around raising awareness about the steps that can be taken to make the hospitality and travel sectors more enjoyable and accessible for individuals who prioritize mental wellbeing. Through his efforts, Henry effectively illustrates how Recover Hospitality and its travel agency, CXN Travel, offer supportive and enjoyable lodging and dining experiences that cater to diverse needs.

Currently pursuing his studies at The Isenberg School of Business at UMass Amherst, with a concentration in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Henry's academic dedication is further underscored by his receipt of the prestigious Stephen E. Elmont HTM alumni scholarship. Outside of his academic pursuits, Henry is a distinguished leader as the captain of UMass Amherst Club Lacrosse. His passion extends beyond the field, as he is also a serious musician, with a particular focus on the guitar. He firmly believes in the therapeutic power of music, recognizing its profound impact on mental wellbeing.
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