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Reviews of hotels and restaurants designed to support the recovery community and anyone interested in a sober lifestyle.

While we put together our comprehensive list of reviews, please visit the Hotel Packages page to view hotels who have agreed to CXN's guidelines, and offer additional amenities to travelers who book through us.

How we Rate Venues

At CXN Travel, we believe being able to enjoy restaurant and hotel environments can help reinforce the benefits of being sober. However, until now there hasn't been a reliable place that highlights a venue's sober-friendly characteristics. Our professional ratings, plus those completed by community members, can help choose hotels and restaurants that excel in providing experiences that are fun and not stressful.

Our ratings framework encompasses over 50 standards, which are categorized into five different areas specific to hotels or restaurants. These categories evaluate how well a hospitality environment reduces elements that can create stress, such as alcohol-focused decor and having the bar being the focal point of the venue (whether a restaurant or hotel lobby). We also evaluate characteristics that make interacting with the environment more enjoyable for sober individuals, such as a good assortment of non-alcoholic beverages and supportive service. 

Restaurants: service, venue design, non-alcoholic selection, location, and food.

Hotels: service, room, amenities, location, and common area design & decor.

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I.e. If there is a minibar, is it hidden? Does the view and decor inspire relaxation?
I.e. Nicely equipped gym, etc.
I.e. are you able to check in and go to your room without passing by a busy bar scene, etc.
Are there wellness amenities and/or support meetings close to the hotel? Is the hotel located a safe distance away from any nightclub scene?
aside from soda, tea, etc.

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